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H&S Performance

Official Product Sponsors for 2019

Diesel Motorsports chooses products within the diesel marketplace that are credible and deemed worthy by the members of the association. Diesel Motorsports then endorses these products and chooses them as a sponsor to display and market their products at Diesel Motorsports events. It's the highest level of sponsorship the association offers because of the endorsement along with top billing at events.

Redline Transmissions produces lasting transmissions for diesel trucks

Redline Diesel Power

Redline Diesel Power Specializes in Automatic Transmission building for:

Dodge Diesel and gas Pickup Trucks
GM Diesel and gas Pickup Trucks
Ford Diesel and gas Pickup Trucks
Custom Valve bodies
Single, Triple and five disc torque converters

Located in Wooster Ohio Redline is family owned and operates on close personal service for the diesel industry.

Learn more about Redline Diesel Power at www.rdpdiesel.com

Clevite Engine Bearings is the best quality in the diesel industry!


Clevite is an American brand with one of the strongest traditions for American commercial vehicles and construction and agricultural machine applications, and provides pistons, assemblies, cylinder liners, plain bearings, valves, and an extensive range of additional engine reconditioning products for the brands Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Massey-Fergusson, John Deere, Allis-Chalmers, International, and White Farm. Clevite engine components are available around the world from your nearest local MAHLE sales organisation.

Learn more about Clevite at www.mahle-aftermarket.com/mahle_aftermarket_na/en/catalogs-&-lit

Exergy Injectors hand made for each custom performance application!


Exergy Performance is a division of Exergy Engineering and is focused on the unique needs of high performance diesel applications. The need for this specialized attention was recognized after assisting in root cause analysis of everything from rough idle to broken engine components caused by “well meaning”, but “inexperienced and/or under-equipped” fuel system modifiers. Given our history in the world of diesel fuel injection we have a distinct advantage in the areas of experience, innovation, and test equipment.

Our story begins in 1944 when as part of General Motors our former department began producing mechanical unit injectors for Detroit Diesel Corp. As the years went by new products and many new customers were added as the department was “spun-off” as an independent company. This success was not taken lightly by the Robert Bosch Corporation who began buying shares in the early 90's, eventually becoming the full owner in 2000. During this time we participated in the design, development, and manufacture of the Bosch common rail systems currently used by the “Big 3”. Unfortunately, in March 2006, our group was eliminated in an effort to consolidate worldwide engineering resources. Exergy Engineering was born out of this closure as an independent R & D service provider specializing in diesel fuel systems.

With our background in OE development and manufacturing we bring a unique perspective to the high performance world. We know what various features and specifications need to be to ensure proper function, how to produce them, and how to verify they are correct. The verification process/equipment we use is very untypical of a standard diesel repair shop, and allows us to look at many more system performance characteristics beyond average fuel output.

Our People

Can Do Attitude, Problem Solvers, Innovators, Winners are just a few of the many terms that have been used to describe our associates over the years. For decades, our associates have been providing specialized diesel engineering services to a broad list of OE industry leaders. Our people have been involved in every aspect of the product development cycle (design, test, durability, instrumentation, test equipment, and customer interface). This “know-how” is now available to the performance diesel market via Exergy Performance.

Learn more about Exergy at www.exergyperformance.com

BD Diesel Performance signs with DIESEL Motorsports
as Official Injection Pump Products

BD Diesel Performance

BD Diesel Performance designs, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of products specifically engineered for performance diesel applications for all OE diesel pickups. Located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, BD's state-of-the-art facilities cover 65,000 square feet, and employ 100 plus highly-trained individuals. Owned and managed by father and son with many families that all work together to produce quality products for the performance diesel market.

“BD Diesel is honored to be recognized as an official Diesel Fuel pump supplier to the industry” says Brian Roth, President of BD Diesel Performance, “With 44 years in the fuel injection business and one of few fully authorized Common Rail shops building fuel pumps for daily drivers and some of the fastest diesels on the track today. Built with the best quality parts, best calibration equipment and some of the best men in the industry.”
Available from many dealers and distributors across the North American continent BD Diesel Performance dealers can be found on their web site or ask your local dealer.

BD VFI Fuel Injection Calibration Department
Owing to its heritage as a diesel fuel systems specialist, Valley Fuel Injection(BD Division) is a factory-certified Bosch, Stanadyne, Delphi and Zexel calibration and repair lab. VFI is one of few injection shops in North America to have Bosch Common Rail parts and an overhaul and testing franchise. VFI rebuilds most all mechanical and electronically-controlled fuel injection pumps for Diesel engine applications. The fuel injection department is fully tooled and can service gas direct injectors.

BD Diesel Performance and Valley Fuel Injection are one, with specialty divisions that focus on Diesel power train components.

Learn more about BD Diesel Performance at www.DieselPerformance.com

Official Fan


SPAL USA, the North American subsidiary of SPAL Automotive Srl, has been providing products from Italy since 1989. The company’s sales and distribution center is housed in a 40,000-square-foot facility in Ankeny, Iowa. From this location, SPAL USA provides value-added systems,components and support for OEM and aftermarket applications.

SPAL AUTOMOTIVE is a world leader in the design and manufacturer of high quality electric fans and blowers for all types of vehicles and equipment. Founded in Italy in 1959, we initially specialized in plastic mold design and production. We have been designing, producing and marketing for over 30 years high performance axial fans and centrifugal blowers for cars, buses, off-road vehicles, construction machineries, agricultural tractors, trucks, powersports and industrial equipment.

Learn more about SPAL at www.spalusa.com

Official Grille

Rolling Big Power

Rise above other ordinary front ends with the RBP Grilles. Made using the highest quality of 304 stainless steel, the RBP Grille is made to last. The double woven mesh and iconic studded edging and massive center RBP Star Bar, make for an aggressive final touch to your truck. Featuring a new, limited lifetime warranty – it means you’re covered no matter what. This RBP Grille requires cutting and utilizes the OE grille surround.

Learn more about Rolling Big Power at accessories.rollingbigpower.com/product-category/grilles/

Official UTV/ATV



Kawasaki was the first foreign vehicle manufacturer to open a manufacturing plant in the U.S.A.. Several far-sighted Kawasaki executives germinated the idea way back in 1974, and it was simple. If you're selling in America, why not build there too -- save time, save shipping and employ local labor. It worked, and years later firms like Nissan, Toyota, VW and Honda followed Kawasaki's lead.

Since personnel are the most important part of any business, KMM strives to make working conditions safe and comfortable. Kawasaki employees, working as a team, insure that the same quality standards are incorporated through all processes. Each worker takes personal responsibility for quality and feels pride in a job well done.

The consumer products manufacturing facility in Lincoln, located on 335 acres of land, has grown since its opening in 1974 from the original 286,000 square feet to nearly 1.3 million square feet of manufacturing, office and warehouse space. In 2001, the rail car plant was completed at the Lincoln site, adding 437,000 square feet for light rail car manufacturing. Over 1,000 people work at the Lincoln facilities, making KMM a major employer in the Lincoln area. In 1989 the Maryville Plant was opened for production of general purpose engines. The Maryville facility has grown to over 700,000 square feet on 113.7 acres of land employing over 600 people. KMM Research and Development Centers are located at the Lincoln and Maryville facilities to meet customer demands as quickly as possible.

The plant operates on a "just in time" supply method which eliminates expensive warehousing and over-ordering of parts. Production methods combine the best of Japanese and American techniques, resulting in the unique Kawasaki Production System, of which we're quite proud. For instance, certain parts and pieces are made on special presses located right on the assembly line. This means no shortages or excess inventory on these items for more efficiency and less cost. In many cases, it also means the worker makes the part he assembles, and thus enjoys a full sense of accomplishment.

Learn more about Kawasaki at www.kawasaki.com

Official Exhaust Manifold

PPE Pacific Performance Engineering

Pacific Performance Engineering (PPE) is leading the way in electronic high performance diesel technologies for Chevy, Ford and Dodge. Founded in 1985 as a Diesel performance facility we quickly found new ways to improve upon the factory platforms. As technology increased so did our need to explore other options of developing power. In 2001 we brought the Duramaximizer to the market. This product was a first and it is still used today to make the fuel system more efficient on the Duramax Diesel LB7. We quickly learned that efficiency of the engine could be increased by raising the fuel rail pressure and increasing the pulse width and rate. Today there are many corporations experimenting with the benefits of increased fuel pressure. So far the results have been very beneficial and include increased power, mileage, reliability, lower exhaust gas temperatures, and overall efficiency.

It has always been at the top of PPE's agenda to supply power and torque, and to do so in a way that enhances the OEM operations rather than hinder the natural operations of the vehicle. We achieve these goals by staying within OEM tolerances and also by utilizing the very best in electronic materials available. After several decades, PPE is still recognized as a leader in Diesel Performance and has been developing new power enhancements for the Duramax LLY platform. We also have innovated products for both the Ford Power Stroke and Dodge Cummins.

Learn more about PPE Pacific Performance Engineering at www.pacificp.com

PEAK launches NEW line of DIESEL Additives “Blue”


PEAK releases NEW line of diesel additives known as “Blue” with over 5 different solutions for your diesel fuel. This time of year many diesels are gelling up so look to a well known name for quality: Diesel Anti-Gel; Emergency Diesel Thaw and All Season Diesel Boost! Look for samples at all of the Diesel Motorsports events and at your local automotive supply stores.

Learn more about Blue at peakauto.com/products/diesel-fuel-additives/

Autometer produces NEW products for the DIESELS


Autometer produces the most accurate gauges in the racing industry for decades and now produces NEW gauges and electronics for our diesel trucks.

Learn more about Autometer at www.autometer.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQiAkZHTBRCBARIsAMbXLhF2-eAPxOqy4mq

NADM Official Head Studs


Today, ARP's product line contains of thousands of part numbers, and has expanded to include virtually every fastener found in an engine and driveline. These range from quality high performance OEM replacement parts to exotic specialty hardware for Formula 1, IndyCar, NASCAR, NADM and NHRA drag racing and marine applications. The Importance of Engineering - There are a number of important elements in the production of specialty fasteners, not the least of which are materials, design and manufacturing. When you use our products you.ll know the extraordinary steps taken by ARP to produce the very finest products of their kind on the market today. The key to success in all areas is personnel. And here.s where ARP's cadre of highly qualified and dedicated specialists shines brightly. Our head bolts/studs are the industry standard for diesel motorsports, why? Because they work!

Learn more about ARP at www.arp-bolts.com

NADM Official Connecting Rod


Carrillo founded in 1963 with the mission of servicing the needs of enthusiasts and racers who desire to build the highest quality engines. Carrillo ensures the highest quality by using the latest technology to manufacture its products, including state-of-the-art equipment, proprietary tooling and dedicated cutters. Along with unique fixturing, computer modeling and ISO 9001 certification, Carrillo employs a multi-level inspection process that includes an advanced climate-controlled inspection department to guarantee that each connecting rod is second to none. Carrillo is a sister company of CP Pistons and a member of PANKL Racing Systems. Carrillo.s heavy duty connecting rods was made for the needs of the high torque diesel engines in the racing and pulling competitions.

Learn more about Carrillo at http://www.cp-carrillo.com/

NADM Official Pistons

MAHLE Clevite Inc.

MAHLE Clevite Inc. recently partnered with National Association of Diesel Motorsports (NADM), naming Mahle the official Piston of NADM for the 2011 season.

Emphasizing its role as a market and technology leader, MAHLE is well advanced with the market introduction of its FERROCOMP® all-steel composite piston for large bore diesel engines.

The forged steel skirt is paired with a conventional forged steel crown and, according to application, the two elements are joined using a single concentric bolt, or two or four bolts. In line with the current state-of-art, the crown is executed with either shaker or bore cooling and, typically, is fitted with two compression rings and one oil control ring.

The alloy steel material developed by MAHLE for the FERROCOMP® piston is characterized by its very consistent strength and hardness which, vitally, is achieved without resort to heat treatment. The skirt material needs only controlled cooling after forging, which greatly simplifies production. Having developed a material with the mechanical strength needed for the FERROCOMP® piston, MAHLE uses special coatings to improve its tribological characteristics. These comprise a special phosphate coating on the pin bores and the graphite based Grafal coating on the running surface of the skirt.

The MAHLE Group is one of the 30 largest companies in the automotive supply industry worldwide. As a leading manufacturer of components and systems for the combustion engine and related products, MAHLE ranks among the top 3 systems suppliers for piston systems, cylinder components, valve train systems, air management systems, and liquid management systems. MAHLE employs around 48,000 people at 110 production plants and eight research and development centers. In 2007, MAHLE achieved sales of over USD $7.5 billion.

Learn more about MAHLE Clevite Inc. at www.mahleclevite.com

NADM Official Gaskets

MAHLE Original

MAHLE Clevite Inc. recently partnered with National Association of Diesel Motorsports (NADM), naming Mahle Original official Gaskets of NADM for the 2011 season.

Mahle Original gaskets are designed to meet demanding conditions, such as drastic temperature extremes, high internal pressures, and coolants and lubricants of every description with unsurpassed standards of innovation and quality.

The MAHLE Group is one of the 30 largest companies in the automotive supply industry worldwide. As a leading manufacturer of components and systems for the combustion engine and related products, MAHLE ranks among the top 3 systems suppliers for piston systems, cylinder components, gaskets, valve train systems, air management systems, and liquid management systems. MAHLE employs around 48,000 people at 110 production plants and eight research and development centers. In 2007, MAHLE achieved sales of over USD $7.5 billion.

Learn more about MAHLE Original at www.mahleclevite.com

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss these sponsorship opportunities with your organization. If you would be interested in participating with Diesel Motorsports, please contact us! We're looking forward to working with you in 2019.

The Diesel Motorsports Team

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