Wednesday May 30, 2018
Thunder in Muncie Results 2018
NADM Staff

I want to thank Muncie Dragway and all of our staff who made the event a fun way to start the Memorial Weekend Celebration! It was clear skies with a slight breeze and high in the 80s! DIESEL ONLY racing is always fun to see what trucks locally and from series racers show up to compete. Big thanks to Haisley Machine, Big Ass Diesel and No Zone/Day's Diesel for setting up at the show! Winners are listed below:
ET Bracket
Champion - Landon Miller
2nd - Justin Brumfield
Runner-up Michael Overby
Runner-up - Larson Miller

12.0 Index
Champion - Ryan Riddle
2nd - Larson Miller

Unlimited Heads-up
Champion - Larson Miller
2nd - Dan Holland
Runner-up - Bruce Block
Runner-up - Garrett Dinius

Burn-out Winner - Quentin Miller

Show-N-Shine Winners
Best of Show - Allen Huey
Best Dodge - Kohltin Greer
Best Ford - Jacob Alexander
Best GM - Mike Asher

Thursday May 3, 2018
NDS Show Results 2018
NADM Staff

I want to thank Kearney Raceway Park, Don/Kathy, NDS guys and all of the DM crew who made a great show for 2018. Saturday was a beautiful day with temps in the high 70s with a huge crowd watching trucks run all day long! A wide variety of diesel trucks from rat rods to trucks to semis! Everyone had a great time well into the night! Sunday was a bit windy to say the least (25-55 mph winds)! Very dusty but many watched the sled pulling, show-n-shine parade and dyno all day! Very successful weekend for diesels in the middle of Nebraska!

ET Class Winners
Champion Jesse Nelson in his 2006 Ford F-250
2nd - Eugene Van Dinter in his 1999 Ford F-350

Sled Pulling
3.0 Sled Pulling
Champion - AJ Eilert 1994 Dodge - 335.52
2nd - Levon Reiff 1998 Dodge - 318.63
2.6 Sled Pulling
Champion - Taylor Johnson 1998 Dodge - 283.83
2nd - Jonathon Hege 2007 Dodge - 261.25
Hot Workstock
Champion - Bryan Hull 2006 Dodge - 287.25
2nd - Chris Hunziker 2004 Dodge - 283.31
Champion - Deven Ryan - 1993 Peterbilt - 347.76
2nd - Brandon Kibble - 1951 Big Hooker Rat Rod - 308.86

Dyno was.
High HP and Cummins
Josh McAlevy
Mitch Jorgenson
Bo Axler
Brian McDonald Jr
James Stewart

Show and shine
Dodge and overall
Luke Winkel
Bo Axler
Powerstroke Hi Boy
Nick Wilson

Monday March 12, 2018
Texas Results: Winners
NADM Staff

The first event this last weekend in conjunction with the Unlimited Offroad Show was an effort to cross market with the diesel trucks at the event plus the jeep people who haul with a diesel. DIESEL Motorsports also provided competition for the dyno days and a street race on the NASCAR track. It was pretty exciting for the racers to get to race on a front road and then drive around the track however there was not many who signed up for it.

The crowd at the event was quite large reaching over 20,000 people and the DM booth was quite busy during the day,

TX Winners:

4WD Street race
Champion - Dennis Batts with his son and trophy

2WD Street race
Michael Gonzales

Dyno - Highest HP
Clay Stewart - 1275 HP

Wednesday February 21, 2018
2018 Season is scheduled
NADM Staff

Diesel Motorsports Schedule*
March 3&4th
Unlimited Offroad Show
Fort Worth, Texas
Texas Motor Speedway
Street No Prep Racing
Dyno & Show-N-Shine Competition

April 28/29th
Nebraska Diesel Show
Kearney, NE
Kearney Raceway Park
Grudge racing, 2 classes racing
Sled Pulling on Sunday,
Dyno both days
Show-N-Shine & Burnout on Sunday

May 25
Thunder in Muncie
Muncie, IN
Muncie Dragway
Diesel only Drag racing

June 29/30
30 Year Anniversary
Topeka, KS
Heartland Motorsports Park
Diesel drag racing
Semis, Pro Stock, Heads-up, ET
Dyno Competition

July 21st
East Coast Diesel Nationals
Numidia Dragway
Numidia, PA
Drag racing, sled pulling
Dyno, show-n-shine competition

August 10/11th
Sturgis Bike/Truck Week
Sturgis Dragway
Sturgis, SD
Diesel/Gas Truck Drags
Semi Drags,
Dyno & show-n-shine competition

September 8th
NY Truck Shootout
Empire Dragway
Leiceister, PA
Diesel/Gas truck racing
Sled pulls, Monster truck show
Dyno & Show-n-shine competition

Affiliate events and more can be checked monthly at www.DIESELmotorsports.US

Sunday January 21, 2018
PEAK launches NEW line of DIESEL Additives “Blue”
NADM Staff

PEAK releases NEW line of diesel additives known as “Blue” with over 5 different solutions for your diesel fuel. This time of year many diesels are gelling up so look to a well known name for quality: Diesel Anti-Gel; Emergency Diesel Thaw and All Season Diesel Boost! Look for samples at all of the Diesel Motorsports events and at your local automotive supply stores.

Wednesday December 20, 2017
2017 Series Point Winners
NADM Staff

The 2017 Series Point Winners were announced and presented at the PRI Show in Indianapolis December 9th during the show. These are the top performers in the diesel industry which follows and competes at DIESEL Motorsports events during the year.
ET Bracket Racing Champion - Larson Miller
Unlimited/Heads-up Champion - Bruce Block
Pro-Stock Champion - Lavon Miller

3.0/2.6 Pulling Champion - Jesse Warren
2.6/2.5 Pulling Champion - Caleb Herman
Hot Work Stock - Tommy Hassler

Plaques were presented to the winners, be sure to look at the 2018 schedule so you can compete to be the best in DIESEL Motorsports.

Friday October 13, 2017
Heartland Park Winners - October!
NADM Staff

This make-up date was a pleasure to attend and host for a couple of diesel classes along with the O'Reilly All Brands race and car sow held at Topeka's Heartland Park. The winners for the race were ET Bracket - Alex Hefner, Champion and Pro Stock Class - Matt Kubik, Champion. This race was a follow up to the MO Truck Shootout that got rained out on September 16th.

Tuesday September 5, 2017
Buckeye Diesel Blast Results - FYI
NADM Staff

Buckeye Diesel Blast Report! Dragway 42 is a fantastic facility for our diesel trucks with a great surface and plenty of parking for trucks and trailers. Bad weather all around us and a cool cloudy day dampened many from coming out for the day but the ground was dry and DIESEL Motorsports decided to let the trucks run on this great track. A number of vendors and local shops were there representing the diesel sport such as BD Diesel, South Bend Clutch, Redline Diesel, Firepunk Diesel, G&R Diesel, Reusch Diesel, and Hot Shot Additives! DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank all of those who made the day a fun diesel event with some great trucks. The winners are listed below:

ET Bracket
Champion - Rolanda Miller
2nd - Kyle Mireiter
12.0 Index
Champion - Kyle Bassitt
2nd - Matt Williamson
Unlimited Heads Up
Champion - Rick Fox
2nd - Danic St Pierre/Bruce block
Pro Stock
Champion - Lavon Miller

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show - Rick Fox
Best Dodge - Chelsea Flight
Best Ford - Austin Woronka
Best Rat Rod - Clinton Leonard
Best Diesel Offroad - Jeremy Taylor

Monday August 7, 2017
NY Truck Shootout Results! FYI
NADM Staff

NY Truck Shootout - DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank The Diesel Shop for sponsoring the NY Truck Shootout and the Empire Dragway staff for a great day of diesel truck racing! The event was delayed more than once by a few scattered showers in the morning but cleared in the afternoon and evening with blue skies. Mothers Show-N-Shine had some really nice trucks and are listed below along with the winners of the drag races. All photos will be posted today under DM's Facebook page under photos!

Diesel Heads-Up
Winner - Katie Oswald/D
2nd - Joe Bumpus/D

DIESEL vs GAS Heads up
Winner - Jacks Toepfer/G
2nd - Joe Bumpus/D

ET Bracket - Diesel vs Gas
Winner - Katie Oswald/D
2nd - Derrick Kovach/G

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show - Dan Martin - 2003 Ford F350
Best Dodge - Kevin Chase - 2007 Dodge
Best Ford - Tessa Fiscella - 2008 ford
Best GM/Chevy - Anthony Lockwood - 2005 GM
Best RatRod - James Hawley - 1971 Chevy/12vCummins

Mass Diesel Dyno
Highest HP - Jeff Shorter

Wednesday July 19, 2017
ECDN 17 Results & Winners!
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank everyone who came out on a beautiful Saturday at the Numidia Dragway for the East Coast Diesel Nationals! A large group of DIESEL enthusiasts and competitors put on a fantastic show! The winners are listed below, more info and photos will soon be posted!

Drag Racing
ET Bracket
Champion – Dennis Harnish – R.020 I12.72/12.823, MPH 99.64
2nd – Ernie Barkman – R.149 I14.14/14.178, MPH 94.22
Quick Diesel 12.0 Index
Champion – Brian Dolly – R.306 I12.0/12.059, MPH 111.92
2nd – Ryan Westrick – R.325 I12.0/12.154, MPH 97.76
Unlimited Heads-up
Champion – Greg Alberalla – R.577 T10.043, MPH 139.43
2nd – Nick Eklund – R.625 T10.284, MPH 132.75

Sled Pulling
2.6/3.0 Class
1. Jesse Warren, Ford 6.0, 347.8
2. Jon Manns, 340.94
3. Caleb Griffith, 335.45
4. Jay Hill, 335.22
5. Jeremy Urey, 332.81
6. Curvin Zimmerman, 330.46
7. Michael Garafalo, 327.83
8. Josh Hayes, 317.17
9. Joseph Hemm, 316.75
10. Trent Hbare, 314.57
11. Tyler Albert, 308.98
12. Jake Slinguff, 304.98
13. Joe Gaughan, 301.14
14. Brandon Porzik, 271.52
15. Brian Robbins, 266.25
16. David Jacobs, 262.42
17. Dan Paolhamus, 199.34
18. Kevin Panacok, 164.02
19. Greg Walker, 60.92
20. Justin Gordan

2.5 Class
1. Caleb Herman, 350.38
2. Joe Gaughan, 347.29
3. Tom Hassler, 335.39
4. Gregg Talbot, 333.33
5. Nick Wenger, 328.84
6. Joshua Bordas, 326.87
7. Ross Harter, 323.95
8. Richard Abare, 320.70
9. Benny Stone, 313.68
10. Brandon Porzik, 311.04
11. Travis Richards, 309.51
12. Chuck Dutter, 305.50
13. Nate Faust, 303.36
14. Gregg Slinguff, 295.69
15. Nathan Stiller, 288.72
16. Jesse Young, 273.90
17. Todd Young, 57.40

Tractor Class
1. Kevin Utt, 339.03
2. Adam Diaz, 333.56
3. Vern Zerby, 329.66
4. Jeff Mikloicle, 324.23
5. Cole Forrester, 322.72
6. Steve Beckley, 316.82
7. Corey Davis, 311.03
8. Vern Zerby, 308.21
9. Vern Zerby, 306.37
10. Rick Havck, 284.97
11. Vern Zerby, 284.38
12. Cole Forrester, 181.85

Hot Work Stock
1. Tom Hassler, 328.47
2. Matt Thomas, 311.55
3. Greg Talbot, 310.67
4. Ross Harter, 291.09
5. Tom Bonaquist, 284.86
6. Brandon Fairchild, 280.48
7. Mark Fessler, 279.11
8. Nick Wenger, 278.85
9. Ben Gelsinger, 274.79
10. James Westervett, 272.51
11. Nate Faust, 265.35
12. Ben George, 247.20
13. Rick Abare, 231.09

Work Stock Class
1. Ben Gelsinger, 300.10
2. Justin Horst, 295.45
3. Cisco Raffi, 286.68
4. Brock Welliver, 286.31
5. Anthony Stroup, 283.50
6. Logan Hackenburg, 278.38
7. Lonnie Horst, 273.92
8. Scott Wood, 241.33
9. Ronald Shrouds, 227.46
10. Michael Beyrouty, 101.24

Best of Show – Matt Preist
Best Dmax – Derek Bedway
Best Ford – Austin Galante
Best Dodge – Sam Garafalo
Best Rat Rod/Vintage – BJ Keiffer

Dyno Competition
Highest Horsepower – Mark Vanadia – HP1213/T1694
Best Ford - Mark Vanadia – HP1213/T1694
Best Dmax – Mike Carpenter – H998/T1766
Best Dodge – Greg Heikel – H680/T1204

Monday June 19, 2017
Haisley Thunder in Muncie Report
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank all the Muncie Dragway staff for a great night of racing plus the DM crew headed by Rodney Wehr! Had perfect weather with a cool evening, had a few broke trucks but some great racing! Winners are listed below along with Saturday's winners in the Mothers Show-N-Shine and Revolution Dyno competition! Unfortunately the 10% chance of rain turned into 100% and washed the track out for the pulling! Thank you to all of our sponsors for the support and South Bend Clutch for some fun giveaways during the event along with Joe Gibbs Driven Oil for the winners Friday, plus Kleinn Air Horns to the Best of Show N Shine and Mahle for gaskets!

Drag racing
ET Bracket
Larson Miller/Firepunk Diesel - Champion
Robin Ridgeway - 2nd
12.0 Index
Larson Miller/Firepunk Diesel - Champion
Kevin Frey - 2nd
Unlimited Heads-Up
Bruce Block - Champion
Shawn Matz - 2nd

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show
Wayne Alberts
Best Dodge
Jordan Jackson
Best Dmax
Rich Strube

Revolution Dyno
Highest HP
Rich Strube
Highest HP Dodge
Greg Turner
Highest Ford HP
Cody Denny
Highest HP Dmax
Rich Strube

Friday May 12, 2017
NDS 17 in the Books!
NADM Staff

Thank you everyone involved for a great Nebraska Diesel Show 17 this year including the NDS group, Kearney Raceway Park, DM workers and everyone who moved their schedule ahead one week! What a difference one week made with 80 degree and sunny sky weekend. This all made possible by our sport loyal sponsors who many of you found out about them at our sponsor's tent. The winners are listed below:
Drag Racing
UnLimited - Heads-up
1st Ethan Kammer
2nd - Dan Lee
ET Bracket
1st - Jesse Nelson
2nd- Kelle Simmons
Sled Pulling
3.0 Class
Jenna Lempka 366
Jess Hardessen 357
AJ Eilert 342
Bryan Banghart 333
Brent Jareck 322
2.5/2.6 Class
Tony Gonzalez 319
Jonathan Hege 316
Andy Bokelman 335
Zack Larson 329
Riley Guthrie 312
R Guthrie 306
Brook Hufman 248
John Schmidt 223
Burnout Contest
Kyle Leaf
Dyno Winners
High HP overall/Cummins
Leta Lucero
High Duramax
Trevor Lansik
High Ford
Griffin Wisner
GM: Heath Whitman
Ford: Brittany Tucker
Dodge: Luke Winkle
Semi: Kory Brennan
Semi light show: Kory Brennan

Wednesday May 3, 2017
DM endorses SEMA Board selections!
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports picks for the SEMA Board vote coming next week! These people are familiar with our diesel market and can help it grow within the industry!

Tim Martin - K&N

Brian Lounsberry-Motovicity

Nick Niakan - AFE Power

If you are member of SEMA please vote for these people who can help the diesel sport!

Tuesday April 25, 2017
Kleinn is a sponsor
NADM Staff

Kleinn Air Horns has signed as the Official Air Horn sponsor for the 2017 season. If you own a big truck then you will want that big train horn sound for your truck. Kleinn Air Horns has the best air horn systems in the country. Located and assembled in the US these horns are easy to install and you will be heard once they are on your truck!

Tuesday February 7, 2017
NEW sponsors join 2017 season! Welcome!
NADM Staff

As of to date three NEW sponsors have signed for the 2017 season! Make sure to welcome them at the shows and by buying their products. It's still early so a couple of more might join DIESEL Motorsports. Rolling Big Power signed as the official Grille sponsor which I see many of these already on some nice looking diesel trucks. Also PPE became a sponsor as the official exhaust manifold, their products have been on many of our diesels for years but this product really opens up your truck for more power. Driven Oil by Joe Gibbs just entered the oil market for diesels with a special blend made just for diesels! Watch for more releases from Driven since they are just getting started in the diesel market! Please visit their web sites above!

Tuesday February 7, 2017
Sponsors RETURN for 2017 Season
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports is so blessed to have loyal sponsors for many years. It must mean we are doing something right, or they enjoy the diesel enthusiasts who attend our diesel family lifestyle events. It's the sponsors who pay for the competitor's purses so that is why we request you put on all of their decals, it's the least we can do for them. Returning . . .
South Bend Clutch
Industrial Injection
Mahle Pistons
Mahle Original Gaskets
Firestone Ride-Rite
Vulcan Performance
BD Performance
Redline Transmissions
Spal Fans
RPM Performance
We want to thank their continued support and remember who supports our sport when purchasing products for your trucks.

Thursday December 15, 2016
Point Leaders 2016 announced at PRI Show
NADM Staff

Many do not know but DIESEL Motorsports does keep track of points earned at each event for drag racing and sled pulling during the season. We do award point winners for different classes and they are recognized on our social media plus our web site. These are competitors who normally win or place high in the competitions. These awards were presented at the DM booth at the PRI Show this year along with other awards.

The pulling truck with the most points for the 2.6/3.0 Class for 2016 is Jake/Joe Slingluff in their Empty Pockets pulling truck from Pennsylvania. This truck built by the Slingluffs in their barn has won many pulls across the Midwest and Eastern states.

It’s a 2001 Dodge with a 5.9 Cummins boasting about 1600 horsepower with many modifications for this class. These trucks are trailered in strictly for competition and are not built for the street. This truck is very noticeable because of the wild color and paint scheme on it!

The 2.5 Class was awarded to James Etgen in his 2006 Dually Dodge from Ohio. James consistently pulled over 300 ft most of the season in his 5.9 Cummins puller appropriately named Dirty Silver. James represents his family and Etgen Farms, which sponsor the truck.

Winning the Points Championship 2016 for the Unlimited Heads-Up Class is Bruce Block for the third year in a row. Bruce has been a major drag racer for over 12 years in the diesel market attending all races competing for the win at all costs.

Bruce in his 2004 Dodge Ram is one of the few racers who has left his truck intact as a real OEM truck as far as body, bed, and suspension and still is able to compete against much faster trucks. Bruce continues to win with fast times, close reaction times and the ability to outlast other trucks in that class. Being able to have not only a tough truck, and the ability to make 4-5 passes at each race gives Bruce the edge in the competitions.

Bruce owns his own company B&B Tooling in White Pigeon Michigan. Bruce is always improving his drag truck and easily reached speeds of 144-149 mph this season.

The 12.0 Index Quick Diesel Class was awarded to Larson Miller of Firepunk Diesel in Ohio. Winning 1st in two different Regional events gave him enough points in his 900 hp Dodge to win the points championship.

Top Diesel Points Champion goes to Greg Hogue with is GM Performance Duramax Rail dragster winning two Regional events running in the 4 and 5s in the 1/8 mile. Greg has spent many days getting this unit down the track and it is impressive to watch.

Every winner has a lot of dollars in these vehicles, much more in them than they win even going to every event all summer long. That is why it is important for your shop to send trucks to the events so your customers can get noticed along with your business.

Thursday December 15, 2016
Brady Williams inducted into DM HALL of FAME
NADM Staff

Inducted into the DIESEL Motorsports Hall of Fame for 2016 is Brady Neal Williams of Industrial Injection. Brady passed in August of this year from health issues and will be missed by many in the industry for not only his work but also his love of the sport in the diesel marketplace.

Brady and Industrial Injection has been a sponsor of DIESEL Motorsports since it’s inception and continued to offer guidance and monetary support for the diesel drag racers and pullers throughout the country.

Brady Williams and his wife Jerolyn started their business Industrial Injection in March of 1985 in Salt Lake City. They started out doing modest diesel rebuilds on injection pumps, turbos and injectors in order to help local miners, farmers and construction workers with horse power gains, fuel economy and reduced emissions.

Industrial Injection’s first performance modifications in the 80s was to the GMC/Chevy DB2 injection pumps so the trailer industry could have more power pulling their loads. This was huge for the RV/horse trailer industry for those who in that location needed additional power for the mountains.

Brady then was one of the first to add performance honing to the 7.3 Ford Diesel injectors in the 90s again for the trailer/pickup industry and continued to add the other OEM brand injectors to the product listings. Today Industrial Injection is considered to be one of the top producers for performance injectors for all three OEM brands.

What propelled Industrial Injection into the next century with a huge boost for providing performance to the diesel industry was the introduction of the Silver Bullet Phat Shaft Turbo in the year of 2000. This product and many more has contributed to their success as becoming the largest Master Distributor for Borg Warner and other turbo brands.

Just a few years ago Brady started to offer crate diesel engine blocks (short, long and finished) for all three OEM brands with the shortest replacement build times in the country (less than 5 days). It’s a huge new part of Industrial Injection’s business going into the future while still offering the best OEM diesel replacement products that is distributed across the country.

Brady and Jerolyn had their sons work in their business from the ground up experiencing and knowing all factions of their business. With the passing of Brady he has left his business in good hands with his sons Shane, Cody and Brett Williams along with his wife Jerolyn working to continue Brady’s legacy in the diesel industry.

Brady will be missed for his imagination and being innovative in the industry but many of us will miss his positive personality and his love of life. Just ask me about his most favored story about being the famous polygamist (in jest) from Salt Lake City at the ADS Convention at the Wynn Casino bar one afternoon. Only he, myself and another young man Chad Gillis was there so we can only tell the entire story correctly! It’s these stories plus being the best in the industry for diesel performance products that will keep our memory alive of Brady Neal Williams.

That is why Brady Neal Williams will be inducted into the DIESEL Motorsports “Hall of Fame” for the year 2016 at he PRi Show. Only three others have been deemed for this selection in the past years.

Past inductees for the DIESEL Motorsports “Hall of Fame” have been Dave Mitchell, Nowel Thomas and Scott Bentz. All of these people were a first in diesel performance in some form and contributed greatly to form what the sport is today.

Monday October 10, 2016
MO Truck Shootout Results!
NADM Staff

Another fun night at US 36 Dragway with lots of FAST trucks diesel and gas but the diesels won out in the end! Thanks for everyone who came to compete and our DM crew.

MO Truck Shootout II
ET Bracket
Ricky Adams - gas - Champion
Trevor Sims - diesel - 2nd

Headsup - Diesel vs Gas
Dylan Grooms - diesel - Champion
Justin Daniel - diesel - 2nd

Unlimited - Diesel vs Diesel
Dylan Grooms - Champion
Dylan Goacher - 2nd

Evolution Dyno Competition
Highest HP
Dodge - Delton Thompson
Ford - Andrew Morton
Chevy/GM - Kirk Berridge

Tuesday September 27, 2016
Buckeye Diesel Blast Results 2016
NADM Staff

Diesel Motorsports wants to thank Mark and Kelly at Marion County International Raceway for having us back for the Buckeye Diesel Blast for 2016! It was a beautiful day with lots of trucks, families and great diesel competition from some unbelievable trucks! This is always a fun event with lots of corn, sunshine and food! Below the winners of the day's activities!
A big thank you to Fuelab, G&R Diesel, Action Exhaust, Diesel Life, Firepunk and Tater Built for being the sponsors and vendors!
Buckeye Diesel Blast Winners 2016

Unlimited Drag Racing
Bruce Block - Champion
Lavon Miller - Runner-up
12.0 Index Drag Racing
Larson Miller - Champion
Karl Mireiter - Runner up
ET Bracket Drag Racing
Larson Miller - Champion
Kyle Mireiter - Runner-up
Top Diesel Drag Racing
Greg Hogue - Champion

Sled Pulling
Semi Class
Rodney Horton 374.01
Paul Davis 353.01
Pat Altenbach 349.03
Jeff McCullough 337.09
Mark Scott 309.01
Mitchell Scott 307.11
Kevin Oldham 298.07
Don Aiken 290.07
Rodney Horton 256.11

2.6/3.0 Class
Joe Slingluff 360
Brian Shew 326.02
Dan Constantine 305.08
Gregg Temple 298.04
Zac McClellan 296.01
Jesse Warren Broke

2.5 Class
Doug Linden 303.02
Derick Amos 297.08
james etgen 294.01
John Sherman 286.02
Ryan Kunkle 282.06
Mason Cartright 281.02
Scott House 268.1
Todd Etgen 258
Jeff Meese 251.08
Doug Wilson 240.1
Clifford T Scott 224.11

Tater Built Work Stock Class
John Shew 304.08
Woody Heiman 299.11
Trevor Hill 294.11
Brock Rohrs 294.02
Josh Rose 288.09
Eric Rychener 286.04
Drew Maple 284.09
Mark Banister 281.05
Kyle Wert 281
Danny Tittle 278.1
Daniel Murray 276.02
Shawn Bell 275
JJ Holden 273.1
Manny Morckle 270.11
Zach Frazier 266.03
Zach Peabody 266.02
Mike Peabody 264.04
Jeff Meese 263.07
Tyson Emmerion 261.04
John Trowbridge 258
Doug Wilson 256
John Saunders 255.06
Curtis Trent 252.09
Cody Camstock 238.05
Tucker Burson 236.07
John Heiselman 234.11
Karl Miremer 200

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show
Jason Kistler - Orange 2001 Silverado
Best Dodge
Tanner Huntsman - 1993 Dodge Ram Black/White
Best Ford
Tom Schuman - 2010 Ford F-250 Red

Wednesday August 24, 2016
Wilson County Fair Super Pull Results!
NADM Staff

For the first time DIESEL Motorsports along with the Mid Tennessee Pulling Association held the Wilson County Fair Super Pull in Lebanon TN, just outside of Nashville. This event was sponsored by a local WD, Diesel Performance (DPPI), which sells many of the sponsor's parts. Friday was a great night of pulling with over 4,000 fans watching for 4 hours. Saturday had a large field of tractors and trucks waiting to pull but the rains soaked the arena canceling the pull.

Wilson County Fair Super Pull Paid Winners: 1st Night Pulling
2.5 Class
1 - Danny Swafford 338.32
2 - Brandon Adcock 328.33
3 - Carson Maples 327.33
4 - Justin Combs 323.88
5 - Bryan Hamby 316.29
2.6 Class
1 - Joe Underwood 334.28
2 - Danny Swafford 299.30
3 - Jordan Davenport 292.36,

Monday August 8, 2016
Carlisle Truck Shootout Results!
NADM Staff

Carlisle Truck Shootout Winners
DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank all fans and competitors who came out last night and yes DIESELs ruled in the DIESEL vs GAS shootout with winners in Heads-up and ET Bracket! Congratulations to the winners! Thanks goes out to South Mountain Raceway for great 1/8th mile racing last night!
Heads-up Unlimited
1st Place - Chris Gelbaugh RT .4526/ET6.76/MPH102.81
2nd Place - Steve Toth RT .3774/ET8.74/MPH78.38
ET Bracket
1st Place - Dennis Harnish RT.0422/DL7.95/ET8.0665/MPH78.15
2nd Place - Jon Neiderer RT.2769/DL9.20/ET9.2870/MPH73.78

Monday July 25, 2016
East Coast Diesel Nationals Review/Results
NADM Staff

You could have not asked for better weather on top of the mountain at Numidia Dragway on Saturday July 16th. The gates opened at 8am and it was an influx of people all day long to watch diesel pickups compete in drag racing, sled pulling, dyno and show-n-shine. These events are part of the new diesel lifestyle that our fans enjoy within the social media circles. Results/Winners:

K&W Drag Racing
Unlimited Heads Up
Driver Name RT ET MPH
Bruce Block 0.163 11.54 101.08
Chris Nolt 0.287 11.496 79.42
Johnny Gilbert 0.129 10.057 157.41
Nicholas Eklund 0.638 10.205 139.16

Quick Diesel 12.0 Index
Driver Name RT D/I ET MPH
Gunnar Heckman 0.046 12 12.228 105.56
Joe Gorby 0.059 12 12.205 109.71
Ryan Westrak 0.547 12 12.808 113.94

ET Bracket Racing
Driver Name RT D/I ET MPH
John Eisel .030 13,47 13.630 98.97
Peter Church .078 15.54 15.515 77.67
Kyle Bartley .185 11.30 11.444 115.88

CRC Sled Pulling
Jeremy Urey 346.74
Joe Slinguff 346.03
Greg Walker 342.14
Joe Hamm 340.13
Jesse Warren 339.57
Travis Pushcar 330.32
Zachary Newton 328.85
Curvin Zimmerman 321.2
Greg Henne 310
Mike Loni 302.54
Derek Bordon 297.97
Brian P 290.78
Tyler Albert 290.2
Eric Preneta 285.16
Justin Gordon 283.65
Kane Kelly 271.18
Nathan Stiller 250.81
Matt Corl 197.7
Steven Wilcox 189.09
Shane Freck 96.45
Michael Garifalo 45.39

2.5 Class
Caleb Herman 356.59
Mike Loni 346.17
Derek Bordon 343.2
Dean Dettlefsen 343.18
James Etgan 343.02
Kyle Myers 331.04
Dan Paulhamer 324.48
Eric Preneta 324.12
Ross Harter 317.55
Bret Moyer 311.28
Brian Crannell 304.75
Devin Peterson 304.24
Mark Bolthouser 303.45
James Mann 302.29
Josh Gardiner 299.63
Mark Fessler 298.44
Benny Stone 295.56
Josh Covert 282.63
Cory Pathymille 270.52
Nathan Stiller 267.16
Jake Nunn 265.23
Nick Filler 230.03

Work Stock
Derek Borden 338.27
Scott Beers 331.82
Tom Hassler 331.08
Brandon Fairchild 330.66
Eric Preneta 317.61
Devin Peterson 311.53
Mark Fessler 306.98
Nathan Muddock 306.66
Matt Thomas 305.61
Todd Young 302.92
Jesse Young 299.81
Mark Balthouser 299.81
Michael B 287.36
Ryan Muth 285.7
Colton Weider 283.97
Michael B 277.64
Sid Huntoon 270.91
Richard Miller 264.9
Ryan Smith 260.54
Kyle Chidester 252.96
Bradley Compton 241.55
Pete Picciarro 221.31
Brock Welliver 206.72
Dean Detlefsen 100.44
Jeremy Randall 67.04
Sam Harris 8.41
Tractors Modified Turbo
Vern Zerby 386.75
Jason Forrester 375.99
Vern Zerby 374.85
Billy Davis 366.69
Vern Zerby 357.29
Marshall Watkinsa 335.15
Rick Hauck 331.33
Jason Mellott 297.43
Scott Kiskadden 4.48

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best Of Show Jeremy Schultz 1953 Chevy
Best Ford Dylan Tallman 2003 F250
Best Dodge Joseph Gaynor 2013 Dodge 2500
Best Dmax Yvonne Strube 2011 Chevy 3500

Mass Diesel Dyno Winners
Highest Horsepower – King of the Mountain
Tyler Brancifort – 2012 F350 – 1,593.73 HP
Ford – Tyler Brancifort – 2012 F350 – 1,593.73 HP
Dodge – Nick Eklund – 2006 Dodge 2500 – 1368.82 HP
GM/Chevy – Adam Giarth – 2004 GMC 2500 – 1139.66 HP

Thursday June 23, 2016
Haisley Thunder in Muncie RESULTS
NADM Staff

I want to thank Haisley Machine and the rest of our sponsors for a great weekend event at the Haisley Thunder in Muncie! Winners listed below along with photos in our photo gallery - more to come! The weather was perfect for a weekend of diesel fun at a historic event for our diesel market - since 2001! The Muncie dragway was packed with trucks and people to watch some very fast trucks! Yes we had some breakage and lots of cheering for the winners! The sled pull fans got to see some of the best in the midwest along with some great vendors and products! Want to always thank our DM crew which is always very helpful and yes they love diesels too!

K&W Drag Racing
Unlimited Heads-up Class
Champion - Bruce Block
Runner-up - Rick Fox
Quick Diesel 12.0 Index
Champion - Larson Miller
Runner-up - Zach Danner
ET Bracket
Champion - Larson Miller
Runner-up - Meghan Maroney

CRC Sled Pulling
Jacob Bair 355.07
Evan Smoot 329.02
John Bair 322.04
Terry Biggs 100.09
Jordon Kinderman 320.02
Daniel Mooney 318.11
CW Cartmell 318.09
Brett Meyer 318
Adam Hallien 317.04
Alan Blackburn 315.04
Leah Urich 311.11
Jordan Jackson 308.04
Curt Haisley 306.07
Jesse Warren 302.03
Joe Hemm 299.01
Evan Dans 313.06
Derrik Amos 304.01
Tannar Warner 302.01
Doug Monroe 297
Jon Bartlett 280.1
Andy Hassemm 277.06
Drew Maple 309.08
Dustin Merrell 306.01
Damon Caylor 272.03
Lee Anthrop 270.01
john Moore 267.07
Logan Antrim 243
Zeb Rupe 237.09
John Osterholt 237.04
Bart Redwinc 236.03
Aaron Wells 230.07

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show - Jacob Neuenschwander
Best Dodge - Devon Morgan
Best Ford - Trevor Selinger
Best Dmax - Rich Strube
Best Tractor - Dale Rinker
2nd - Dan Flanigan

Revolution Dyno
Best Dodge - Brian Laird
Best Dmax- Stephan Oneil
Best Ford - Cameron Fletcher

Monday May 23, 2016
MO Truck Shootout Results
NADM Staff

It was a beautiful evening Friday for the 1st MO Truck Shootout at US 36 dragway! I had a blast with a nice turnout of trucks and the local enthusiasts who lined both sides of the track! Cameron and surrounding areas has some really nice people. A BIG thanks to the local shops who helped us put this event on: Goacher Street Legends, MCON, Tyrant Diesel, and MPE Machinery!

Unlimited Heads-up Diesel
Champion - Dylan Grooms, 2nd Jesse Brisco

Unlimited Heads up Diesel vs Gas
Champion Robert Reffeh, 2nd JR Kjplshu

ET Bracket Diesel vs Gas
Champion Dan Holland, 2nd Matthew Doyle

Best of Show - Dylan Goacher
GM - Nick Rickels
Ford - Joel Silvey
Vintage Truck - Peter Gilbert

Dyno Highest HP - Dyno - Doug Perry

Wednesday April 27, 2016
Nebraska Diesel Show Results 2016
NADM Staff

Nebraska Diesel Show Results 2016
Nebraska Diesel Show
K&W Drag Racing
ET Bracket
Phillip Stiers – R .046/ET 11.62/11.632 @118.13

Sled Pulling
Work Stock
Jess Hardessen – 313.06
Andrew Bokelman – 298.06
Tyler Schimonitz – 268.11
Alex Ideus – 251.01
Colton Crawford – 248.02
Zack Larson – 246.05
Chris Wilholtz-240.08
Kyle Giger – 233.03
Austin Rathman-226.03
Matt Schaman-225.07
Devin Barid-195.07

2.5 Class
Brent Roberts – 282.11
Clelland Maynes-282.07
LeVon Reiff-273.00
Tim Wenske – 271.10
Tony Gonzales- 265.02

2.6 Class
Cole Nadrchal-305.09
Bryan Banghart-305.08
Dylan Lempka-304.11
Leah Urich-302.01
Brent Roberts-261.07
AJ Eilert-239.05
James Knight-176.04

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Dodge 1st place in Blue dually Austin McGinnis, 2nd was Curtis Holmes.
Chevy 1st place was Heath Whitman, 2nd place was Brian McDonald,
Ford 1st place was Bennet Steele, 2nd was Kearney Concrete.

Monday April 18, 2016
Nebraska Diesel Show INFO
NADM Staff

Friday thru Sunday at the Kearney Raceway Park in Kearney NE! April 22, 23, & 24! The gates will be open Friday for FREE camping - campers, RVs, tents, etc for checkin but no activities other than checking everyone's trucks. Weekend $25 per person, $15 single day, Drag race $30, pulling $35 per class!

Location: 4860 Imperial Ave, Kearney NE

Saturday gates open 12 noon,
Dyno open all day Saturday & Sunday
Grudge racing in the afternoon
Burnout Contest 5pm
DIESEL Motorsports race 6pm
$500 cash prize for 1st plus Trophies

Sunday -Mothers Show-N-Shine 9am
DIESEL Motorsports Pulling 11am
Workstock - 2.5 - 2.6 - semi - tractors
2.6 1st place paying $1000 and 3-5 places back depending on number of trucks plus trophy
2.5 paying $500 for 1st plus trophy
WS paying $150 for 1st
Semi paying $150 for 1st

Multiple vendors will be available for the weekend so bring your cash for some great show deals!

Wednesday March 9, 2016
Kawasaki signs with DIESEL Motorsports
as Official Diesel ATV/UTV

NADM Staff

Kawasaki Motors Corp., U.S.A., manufacturer of Kawasaki MULE, becomes an endorsed product sponsor of DIESEL Motorsports for the 2016/17 season. Kawasaki will be the “Official Diesel ATV/UTV” sponsor for the diesel only race and pulling series with over 65 events nationwide.

“Kawasaki is very important for our diesel market because so many of the enthusiasts are using ATV/UTVs at the track, farm or recreation”, says Ron Knoch, President of DIESEL Motorsports. “Not only producing a more efficient diesel MULE UTV for our enthusiast but they are made in Linclon Nebraska where many of our diesel people reside in the Midwest.”

Available at many different Kawasaki dealers across the United States the diesel MULEs are available in six different models for use in recreation, farm or utility work.

Kawasaki MULE PRO Series side x sides feature the most capable diesel-powered MULE™ ever built. The MULE PRO-DXT™ features generous cargo bed size and the versatile Trans Cab™ seating layout that features two rows of seats to hold up to six passengers comfortably and easily converts to a single row three passenger configuration for more cargo capability.

The MULE PRO-DX™ has class-leading capacity of its cargo bed that will accept a standard-size pallet, while still seating up to three passengers. Because it comes from Kawasaki, the MULE PRO Series side x sides are backed by 130 years of industrial and engineering excellence that began with shipbuilding and continues with aircraft parts, robots, rail cars, gas turbines and more.

The new MULE PRO diesel models are assembled in America at Kawasaki’s Lincoln, Nebraska manufacturing plant and are built Kawasaki STRONG for ultimate durability, capability and comfort. The Kawasaki MULE PRO diesel models will surely be the most capable workhorse on any job site, farm or construction zone.

DIESEL Motorsports, aka National association of DIESEL Motorsports is the only SFI sanctioning body for diesel motor sports in drag racing, sled pulling, and dyno competitions. Started in 2006 DIESEL Motorsports holds over 65 affiliate events and 6 regional events Nationwide with the season starting in April running through October.

For more information go to: www.DIESELmotorsports.US


Friday February 26, 2016
Fidanza Performance inks endorsement with Diesel Motorsports for the 2016 Season
NADM Staff

Fidanza Performance is pleased to announce they will be the official flywheel sponsor for the 2016 Diesel Motorsports season. During the season they will be testing new flywheels for the Cummins, Duramax and Power Stroke engines. Stay tuned for more details about these new diesel flywheels.

DIESEL Motorsports, aka National Association of DIESEL Motorsports is the only SFI sanctioning body for diesel motor sports in drag racing, sled pulling, and dyno competitions. Started in 2006 DIESEL Motorsports holds over 65 affiliate events and 6 regional events Nationwide with the season starting in April running through October.

Fidanza Performance is a US based manufacturer and engineering company that designs the highest quality lightweight aluminum flywheels, precision adjustable cam gears and high-performance clutches in the world. Fidanza is recognized the world over as the premier choice for quality driveline parts.

For a full application list please check with your local Fidanza vendor.
For more information or to locate a dealer near you, contact Fidanza at
(440) 259-5656 or visit our new website at
Fidanza Performance, 4285 Main Street, Perry, Ohio 44081
(440) 259-5656 Fax: (440)-259-5588.

Wednesday February 3, 2016
SPAL Brushless fans with high CFM for diesels March 1st!
NADM Staff

SPAL USA ® signs with DIESEL Motorsports
as Official Electric Cooling Fan Product
DIESEL Motorsports is pleased to endorse SPAL USA as the “Official Electric Cooling Fan” for the 2016 season. SPAL is a leader in the manufacturing and distributon of high performance electric cooling fans throughout the world.

SPAL is very important for our diesel market because “so many enthusiasts are in need of upgraded cooling systems in order to handle the high demand diesel cooling requirements”, says Ron Knoch, President of DIESEL Motorsports. “With SPAL’s new line of NUOVA brushless fans with variable speed, decreased power draw and increased CFM, SPAL can solve many of the cooling issues diesel engines experience in order to keep the trucks running cool and performing at optimal levels.”

Preferred fan of OEM manufacturers through-out the world , SPAL offers the best solution for deisel cooling with their new “NUOVA” brushless fans. These new Brushless fans can be found on many applications where cooling is extremely important. From Italian sports cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini to NASCAR, to heavy off-road apllications like John Deere and Catapillar, SPAL is the number one choice for extreme cooling.

From raw material to the moulding of plastic components, from copper wire to the fabrication of the electric motor, & from complete assembly to 100% end-of line testing of finished products, all steps of the manufacturing process are carried out at their facilities in Correggio, Italy.

All SPAL fans are certified to IP68/IP6K9K waterproof/dustproof specification standards and offer superior “through –radiator” performance that is second to none.

DIESEL Motorsports, aka National association of DIESEL Motorsports is the only SFI sanctioning body for diesel motor sports in drag racing, sled pulling, and dyno competitions. Started in 2006 DIESEL Motorsports holds over 65 affiliate events and 6 regional events Nationwide with the season starting in April running through October.

For more information go to: www.DIESELmotorsports.US


Wednesday February 3, 2016
BD Diesel Performance signs with DIESEL Motorsports
as Official Injection Pump Products

NADM Staff

BD Diesel Performance designs, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of products specifically engineered for performance diesel applications for all OE diesel pickups. Located in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada, BD's state-of-the-art facilities cover 65,000 square feet, and employ 100 plus highly-trained individuals. Owned and managed by father and son with many families that all work together to produce quality products for the performance diesel market.

“BD Diesel is honored to be recognized as an official Diesel Fuel pump supplier to the industry” says Brian Roth, President of BD Diesel Performance, “With 44 years in the fuel injection business and one of few fully authorized Common Rail shops building fuel pumps for daily drivers and some of the fastest diesels on the track today. Built with the best quality parts, best calibration equipment and some of the best men in the industry.”
Available from many dealers and distributors across the North American continent BD Diesel Performance dealers can be found on their web site or ask your local dealer.

BD VFI Fuel Injection Calibration Department
Owing to its heritage as a diesel fuel systems specialist, Valley Fuel Injection(BD Division) is a factory-certified Bosch, Stanadyne, Delphi and Zexel calibration and repair lab. VFI is one of few injection shops in North America to have Bosch Common Rail parts and an overhaul and testing franchise. VFI rebuilds most all mechanical and electronically-controlled fuel injection pumps for Diesel engine applications. The fuel injection department is fully tooled and can service gas direct injectors.

BD Diesel Performance and Valley Fuel Injection are one, with specialty divisions that focus on Diesel power train components.

DIESEL Motorsports, aka National association of DIESEL Motorsports is the only SFI sanctioning body for diesel motor sports in drag racing, sled pulling, and dyno competitions. Started in 2006 DIESEL Motorsports holds over 65 affiliate events and 6 regional events Nationwide with the season starting in April running through October.

For more information go to: www.DIESELmotorsports.US


Wednesday January 20, 2016
Jiffy-tite signs as sponsor for 2016!
NADM Staff

Jiffy-tite signs endorsed product sponsorship with DIESEL Motorsports
Kansas City, MO - Jan. 2015: Jiffy-tite finalized an endorsed product sponsorship deal with DIESEL Motorsports Tuesday, making the Lancaster, New York company the official quick-connect fluid fitting sponsor for all events of the 2016 DIESEL Motorsports season.

“Jiffy-tite’s quick-connect fluid fittings are a great for the diesel market,” Ron Knoch, president of DIESEL Motorsports said. “Jiffy-tite’s fittings are a quicker, cleaner way to change fluid lines and our network of diesel enthusiasts from around the country recognize the importance of this technology.”

Jiffy-tite manufactures quick-connect fluid fittings for performance and OE automotive applications from their Lancaster, New York headquarters. The valved neck-and-collar technology behind Jiffy-tite’s quick-connect fluid fittings allow users to change fluid fittings without tools or spills. Jiffy-tite quick-connect fluid fittings can be found at leading performance distributors around the country. A full list of distributors is on the Jiffy-tite website:

“We are excited for the new partnership between Jiffy-tite and DIESEL Motorsports,” Lisa Reese of Jiffy-tite said. “Our quick-connect fluid fittings are great way for diesel enthusiasts to save time changing lines and prevent the headaches and mess that can come when changing lines with traditional AN fittings.”

DIESEL Motorsports, aka National association of DIESEL Motorsports is the only SFI sanctioning body for diesel motor sports in drag racing, sled pulling, and dyno competitions. Started in 2006 DIESEL Motorsports holds over 65 affiliate events and 6 regional events Nationwide with the season starting in April running through October.

Wednesday January 20, 2016
NEW Product sponsor for 2016!
NADM Staff

CRC / K&W Fiberlock® signs with DIESEL Motorsports
as Official Stop Leak Product
CRC Industries, manufacturer of K&W Fiberlock® Head Gasket & Block Repair, becomes an endorsed product sponsor of DIESEL Motorsports for the 2016 season. K&W FIBERLOCK will be the “Official Head Gasket Sealer” sponsor for the diesel only race and pulling series with over 65 events nationwide.

“K&W FIBERLOCK is very important for our diesel market because so many of the enthusiasts are using older diesel trucks with high miles”, says Ron Knoch, President of DIESEL Motorsports. “With high miles come cracks and leaks in the block and head, so a product like FIBERLOCK can fix a lot of these issues in order to keep these trucks on the road.”

Available at top auto parts stores around the country, FIBERLOCK is the best pour-and-go solution for do-it-yourselfers to permanently repair cracks in head gaskets, engine blocks, freeze plugs, cylinder heads and radiators. The product is compatible with all types of antifreeze and its performance is backed by a double money back guarantee.

K&W is a longstanding name in stop leak products for the automotive industry since the introduction of K&W Permanent Metallic™ Block Seal in 1938. The product line has grown over time to include stop leak solutions for cooling systems, engines, transmissions and power steering systems, and was acquired
in 1999 by CRC Industries, headquartered in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

Well-known for its leading brake parts cleaner, CRC Brakleen®, CRC began in a Pennsylvania garage in 1958 as Corrosion Reaction Consultants with a single product: CRC Corrosion Inhibitor, a multi-purpose lubricant. Today, CRC is a global supplier of chemical specialty products, manufacturing over 1,300 items and developing specialized formulas to meet the unique needs of the Automotive, Marine, Heavy Truck, Hardware, Electrical, Industrial and Aviation markets. The company serves customers around the world with manufacturing and distribution throughout North, Central and South America, Europe, South Africa and Asia-Pacific marketing areas. CRC operates 26 facilities that produce more than 80 million cans of aerosol products each year.

CRC trademarked brands include: CRC®, Sta-Lube®, K&W® and Marykate®.

DIESEL Motorsports, aka National association of DIESEL Motorsports is the only SFI sanctioning body for diesel motor sports in drag racing, sled pulling, and dyno competitions. Started in 2006 DIESEL Motorsports holds over 65 affiliate events and 6 regional events Nationwide with the season starting in April running through October.

For more information go to: www.DIESELmotorsports.US


Monday November 16, 2015
DM Phone APP Available for Smart Phones!
NADM Staff

That's right! A DIESEL Motorsports phone APP for your Smart phone is available in your APP Storefront! just type in DIESEL Motorsports in search and it will come up on your phone for FREE! Follow us for updates, events, photos, FB, Blog, and win prizes at the events with the NEW scratch-off game!

Bring your phone to any of our shows and events where we have a DM booth and ask for the special code! It will then unlock your scratch-off screen to see what you have won! Lots of fun and you can follow DM daily, weekly or monthly for updates!

Tuesday September 29, 2015
Buckeye Diesel Blast Results - FYI 2015
NADM Staff

Buckeye Diesel Blast results for Sept 26th, in LaRue OH at the MCIR track! Diesel Motorsports wants to thank all of the competitors and fans who came out on a beautiful fall day to enjoy the diesel lifestyle family event! Fun was had by all and we look forward to next year's event!

Flowmaster Drag Racing
Unlimited Heads-Up
1st - Bruce Block Whitepigeon, WI RT-.7550, T-9.87 MPH -143.23
2nd - Karl Mireiter Wooster, OH RT-.5449, T-10.30 MPH-135.52

Quick Diesel 12.0 Index
1st - Larson Miller Plain City, OH RT-.5588, T-11.96 MPH -112.26
2nd - Blake Miller Plain City, OH RT-.6411, T-11.87 MPH-113.30

ET Bracket
1st - Austin Brumfield Warsaw, IN RT-.6129, ET-13.73, T-13.77 MPH-95.73
2nd - Kyle Mireiter Wooster, OH RT-.6509, ET-13.49, T-13.50 MPH-96.97

2.0 Tdi
1st - Randy Harkema Grand Rapids, MI RT-.6711, T-15.33 MPH-91.63
2nd - Emily Butterfield Plain City, OH RT-1.216, T-15.79

Flowmaster Sled Pulling
Mark Scott Perrysburg, OH 1992 Freightliner 274.03
Paul Davis Vermontville, MI 273.01
Mitchell Scott Perrysburg, OH 1992 Freightliner 260.05
Rodney Horton Tekonsha, MI 249.05
Jeff McCullough Kenton, OH 2003 Peterbuilt 238.07
Kevin Oldham New Bloomington, OH 2000 International 233.08
Dale Abts Wyoming, MI 1991 Ford 215.07

3.0 Class
Evan Smoot Eaton, IN 1997 Dodge 317.05
Josh Bowers Somerset, OH 1994 Dodge 314.09
Bill DeBenedictictis Mentor, OH 1998 Dodge 304.05
Terry Biggs Noblesville, IN 1996 Dodge 303.11
Josh McClellan Waterford, PA 2001 Dodge 259.09
Eric Widman Republic, OH 2001 Dodge 253.09
Ron Kick Orville, OH 1948 Ford F3/Cummins 87.09

2.6 Class
Jake Slingluff Berlin, PA 1979 Dodge Ram 314.1
Jordan Kinderman Kingman, IN 2007 Dodge 302.11
Todd Gillfillan Kenton, OH 2003 GMC 300.08
Jarrod Jackson Connersville, IN 1997 Dodge 299.07
Eric Wildman Republic, OH 2001 Dodge 297
Mike Lepley Ebensburg, PA 2001 Dodge 296.1
Kyle Vlasak Cutler, OH 2001 Dodge 295.05
Zac McClellan Waterford, PA 2001 Dodge 278.11
Jesse Warren Guy Mills, PA 2004 Ford 278.03
Nick Stamm Strycker, OH 2001 Dodge 278.01
Eli Clouse Tiffin, OH 1995 Dodge 269.08
Aaron Ross Lima, OH 1997 Dodge 260.05
DJ Tims Somerset, PA 2012 Dodge 246.1
John Humpe Bloomingdale, OH 2005 Chevy 161.09
Jeff Burton Killgord, OH 1997 dodge 22.09

2.5 Class
Nick Stamm Stryker, OH 2001 Dodge 297.07
John Humpe Bloomingdale, OH 2003 Chevy 295.04
Justin Gillard El Dorado, OH 2004 Ford 290.03
Derick Amos Michigantown, IN 1995 Dodge 284.07
Phillip Martin Stroudsburg, PA 2005 Chevy 282.04
Chad Ray Galion, OH 1991 Dodge 271.05
Derek Borden Westport, MA 2006 Chevy 268.03
Nick Morris Milford, OH 2003 Chevy 245.07
Mark McDaniel Blanchester, OH 2001 Chevy 240.1

Work Stock
Trevor Hull Columbia City, IN 2007 Dodge 286.02
Jeff Anders Bryan, OH 2006 Dodge 283.02
Woody Heimann Findlay, OH 2004 Dodge 281.03
Nick Morris Milford, OH 2004 Chevy 270.1
Jonathon Holdren Goshen, OH 2004 Chevy 268.02
Mark McDaniel Blanchester, OH 2001 Chevy 265.07
John Saunders Willard, OH 2003 Chevy 264.07
Kaitlyn Mootz Milford, OH 2003 GMC 260.08
Lucas Sparks Jonesville, MI 2008 Ford 260.08
Patrick Race Williamsburg, OH 2006 Chevy 259.09
Cody Comstock Waynesfield, OH 1996 Dodge 250.03
Kevin Marcum Thornville, OH 1999 Ford B

Burnout Contest
Cody Schwaderer Marion, OH

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show - Trevor Selinger 2001Ford
Best Dodge - Jacob Neuenschwander 2004 Dodge
Best Ford - Ed/Kathy Williams 2008 Ford,
Best Dmax - Dustin Schonkel 2007 GMC

Monday August 17, 2015
Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout Results!
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank Industrial Injection and the DM crew who make the Rocky Mountain Diesel Shootout fun to do every year! Photos from event and results are listed below:
Rocky Mountain Diesel Results August 14/15th
DIESEL Motorsports
Flowmaster Series Drag Racing
ET Bracket
1st Verlon Southwick - 2006 GMC 2500 R.094, D12.20 - 12.434 @87.80,
2nd Jeremy Pundt - 2006 Ram R.375, D13.70 - 13.823 @94.30,
12.0 Index Quick Diesel
1st Corbin Humphries - 2004 Dmax R.209, D12.0 - 12.366 @99.32,
2nd Darryl Atkin - 2006 Chevy R.091, D12.0 - 12.875 @106.24,
UnLimited - Heads - up
1st Dallas Hunt - 2001 Chevy 2500, R1.525, 13.911 @115.56,
2nd Jarid Vollmer - 2006 Ram - broke at line
Both trucks ran impressive speeds during the night with Hunt running 9.8 @149mph and Vollmer running 8.89 159mph

NWDC Dyno Circuit
Stock - 550 HP, Kody Pulliam
6.4 Class - 629 HP, Jon Walker
Modified Single – 988 HP, Taylor Brendle
Twin Turbo - 1500 HP, Shawn Baca
Unlimited - 1869 HP, Shawn Baca

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show Stubs Homsombath – 2003 Dodge 2500
Best Dodge Casey Ingersoll – 2001 Dodge 2500
Best Chevy/Dmax Ray Farnsworth – 2006 Chevy 2500
Best Ford Randy Weaver – 1962 Ford F100

Tuesday July 28, 2015
Ozark Diesel Shootout Results 2015
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank all competitors and fans who braved the heat (107º) on Saturday for a fun time in the sun. It was nice to put faces with names and meeting many new diesel enthusiasts with great trucks. The winners are listed below:
Flowmaster Drag Racing!
ET Bracket Class
1st - Eddie Godat - Dial 17.58 - RT .1581 - ET 17.7036
2nd - P Higgins - Dial 15.06 - RT .3520 - ET 15.0029
Quick Diesel 12.0 Index
1st C Rude - Dial 12.0 - RT .1191 - ET 13.9224
2nd J Layden-Dial 12.0 - RT -.0684 - ET 11.7868
Unlimited (heads-up)
1st J Powell - RT .1796 - ET 12.3644 - mph 103
2nd B Grapevine- RT .2497 - ET 14.1454 - mph 65.38

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show
Dylan Jordan Goacher 2008 Ford F-250
Best Dodge - Travis Lane 2013 RAM 2500
Best Ford - Brian Rea 2004 F350

LTM Performance Dyno
Top HP
Dodge - Travis Chappeleur
Ford - Jeanelle Busch
Dmax - Steve Williams

We want to thank Ozark Raceway, Al and his crew for hosting the event! His starting line crew braved 154º track temperatures for our diesel competitors.

Monday July 27, 2015
East Coast Diesel Nationals Results for 2015
NADM Staff

DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank all competitors and fans who make this event successful every year. The weather cooperated and it was a great day for many diesel enthusiasts who conversed with each other the entire day while watching some great diesel competition.

2.6 Class Pulling
John Manns Baldwin, MD 1996 Ford, Red/White 331.41
Jeremy Urey Brogue, PA 2003 Dodge, Gray 328.53
Jake Slingluff Belin, PA 1997 Dodge 320.31
Scott Whiles Wellinsford, CT 2001 Dodge Ram 2500, Silver 320.24
Corrie Baker Mt. Pleasant, PA 2004 Chevy, Tan 319.05
Mike Lepley Ebeiwberg, PA 1985 Dodge 317.48
Clint Mills Kennedyville, MD 2006 Dodge, White 317.06
Matthew Hoist East Earl, PA 2005 Dodge 316.16
Joe Hemm Mayport, PA 2000 Dodge, White 315.3
Keifer Fleegce Shippensburg, PA 2004 Dodge, White 310.42
Brian Stumblw Bellefonte, PA 1996 Dodge, Green 304.82
Cody Thomas Pottstown, PA 2004 Dodge Ram 2500 303.63
Chris Hoover Boyertown, PA 1997 Dodge, Black 302.68
Greg Henne Jonestown, PA 2005 Dodge, Gray 299.92
Travis Lewis/Recently Single Millville, PA 2002 GMC Sierra, Gold 299.15
Culvin Zimmerman New Holland, PA 2006 Dodge Ram 2500 297.13
Dustin Harrison Atlantic, PA 296.75
Robert Santini Stewartsville, PA 2002 GMC, Green 289.72
Jon Weaver Richfield, PA 2001 Chevy, Black 287.19
Rick Abare Ticonderje, NY 2009 Chevy, Red 271.36
Brennon Roy Gillet, PA 1999 Dodge, Blue 269.25
Tyler Albert Kingsley, PA 2010 Dodge Ram, Gray 267.04
Greg Walker Spring Grove, PA 1997 Dodge 2500, Silver 253.81
Tim Pheys Groton, PA 2006 Chevy, Red 248.33
Justin Gordon Allenwood, PA 1999 Ford, White 247.73
Grant Smith Keyser, WV 2003 Dodge, Black 201.44
Brad Reynolds/Green Goblin Summit Hill, PA 1997 Dodge 2500, Green 191.94
Joe Petak Trumbull, CT 2001 Dodge, White 130.82
Bill Dean St Albens, VT 2005 Chevy, Blue 107.82
Jesse Warren Guts Mills, PA 2004 Ford, White 51.54
Joe Cosentino Middlenver, MD 1995 Dodge, Silver 10.33

2.5 Class
James Etgan Mayfield, NJ 2006 Dodge, Silver 352.3
Caleb Herman Middleburg, PA 2002 Chevy, Gold/Orange 326.63
Nick Stillwagon Connellsville, PA 2007 Chevy, Blue 326.58
Denny Brechbill Carlisle, PA 99 Dodge, Green 321.81
Dale Blubaker Mohnton, PA 2006 Chevy, Gray 320.81
Josh Carter Mayfield, NJ 2006 Dodge, Blue 319.56
Kevin Wray Northumberland, PA 2006 Gmc Gray 319.46
Rick Abare Ticonderoje, NY 2009 Chevy, Red 315.84
Nathan Branham Centreville, MD 2004 Chevy 313.39
Chadd Briggs Dry Run, PA 2004 Chevy, Silver 312.03
Mark Fessler Womelsdorf, PA 2002 GMC, Silver 311.88
Mike Lonie Bedford, NH 2005 Dodge, White 305.52
Christopher Knuth Madera, PA 2008 Chevy, Black 304.01
Trevor Long Carlisle, PA 300.1
Derele Borden Westport, PA 2006 Chevy, Black 298.25
Philip Martin Stroudsburg, PA 2005 Chevy, Gray 296.89
Levon Visnofsisy Olanta, PA 2012 Dodge, Green 296.64
Mark Wray Gillet, PA 2003 GMC, Gray 287.36
Jill Heining/Daddy's Money Jennerstown, PA 1999 Dodge, White 285.46
Bret Moyer Winfield, PA 2002 Chevy, Black 282.35
Jay Hill Lannenberg, PA 2009 Chevy 281.1
Tom Hassler Bethel, PA 2008 Ford, White 281.1
Andy Garrett Landenburg, PA 2004 Ford, White 278.24
Matt Fessler Womelsfdorf, PA 271.87
Jason Stveok Dushere, PA 2004 Dodge, Red/Silver 266.25
Tom Philips Groken, NY 265.1
Todd Young Benton, PA 2006 Ford, Blue 260.54
Brandon Glasgow Aaronsburg, PA 2000 Dodge, Red 260.24
Benny Stone Factoryville, PA 2011 Dodge, Green 257.58

Work Stock Class
Brianna Hill Landenburg, PA 2005 Chevy, Green 316.75
Mark Fessler Womelsdorf, PA 2002 GMC, Silver 313.59
Kyle Barchey Rockwood, PA 2007 Dodge, Blue 313.44
Martin Zimmerman New Holland, PA 2007 Dodge 313.29
Derek Borden Westport, MA 2004 Chevy, Black 313.09
Mike Lonie Bedford, NH 2005 Dodge, Red 311.33
Tom Hassler Bethel, PA 2008 Ford, White 310.98
Christopher Knuth Madera, PA 2008 Chevy, Black 309.33
Ross Harter Avis, PA 2006 Chevy, Red 304.91
Ben Gelsinger Robesonia, PA 2001 Chevy, Gray 304.21
Trevor Long Carlisle, PA 2005 Chevy 303.91
Andy Garrett Landenburg, PA 2004 Ford, White 301.76
Jack Shingala Sunbury, PA 2004 Chevy, Maroon 301.4
Matt Fessler Womelsdorf, PA 2007 Chevy, Black 301.35
Jesse Young Benton, PA 2008 Ford, Brown 297.99
Jason Streak Dushere, PA 2004 Dodge, Red/Silver 293.18
Jacob Wood Mucy, PA 2011 Chevy, Black 290.27
Eric Arnold Duncansville, PA 2000 Ford, Red 289.97
Ryan Yankin Connellsville, PA 2003 Ford Blue 289.04
Chris Koehler Windsor, PA 2004 Dodge 283.75
Scott Miles Jefferson Twp, PA 2004 GMC, Red 281.8
Zach Albright Altoona, PA 2007 Chevy 276.88
Todd Young Benton, PA 2006 Ford, Blue 275.68
Shane Kline Benton, PA 2002 Ford, Blue 269.26
Ryan Smith Tunkhannnok, PA 2008 Dodge, Blue 267.61
Kyle Meyers Iwona, PA 2012 Dodge 265.75
Scott Beers Easton, PA 2003 Dodge, Black 249.46
Brian Guputo East Hampton, NY 2005 Chevy, Gray 233.21
Miele Hahn Nazareth, PA 2001 Dodge, Red 124.45
Bryan Ralich Ringtown, PA 2006 Dodge 108.31

Tractors Mod Turbo
Vern Zerby/2 Unit Chambersburg, PA Case IH Puma 210 321.59
Curt Forrester/Old Skool Chambersburg, PA Ford 8210 316.27
Scott Kiskadden/Bleedin Blue Chambersburg, PA NH T6-175 316.03
Yankee Mellot/2 Mistress Chambersburg, PA IH-1466 312.51
Vern Zerby/Dr LZ Chambersburg, PA IH-1466 309.02
Vern Zerby/002u Chambersburg, PA IH-966 299.73
Rick Hauck/Lil Stinker Winfield, PA IH-1066 280.65
John Forrester/Papa Smurf Chambersburg, PA Ford 9000 213.77

Flowmaster Drags
Cody Spence Norvan, PA 04 GMC 0.064 13.95 13.975
Jeremiah Soga Kutztown, PA 11 Ford 0.131 14.6 14.665

Bruce Block White Pigeon, MI 0.303 10.220 139.56
Phillip Price, Antrim Diesel Greencastle, PA 0.151 Broke
Karl Mireiter Wooster, OH 0.132 10.316 133.42

TDI 2.0
Zack McDowell Wellsville, NY 0.641 21.534 60.57

Pro Stock Diesel
Susan Stump Fleetwood, PA 0.110 11.183 121.46
Doug Brarens Mt Pocono, PA Foul -.003 11.524 115.47

Susan Stump Fleetwood, PA 0.144 12.00 12.79 115.85
Brontley Rigo Friedens, PA 0.182 12.00 12.217 104.32

Dyno Winners
Highest HP & Best dodge
Nicholas Eklund - 06 dodge - 1215.05/1940.40
Best Ford - Tiller Brancifort - 11 FordF350 - 1142.11/2000
Best GMC/Chevy - Adam Garth - 04 GMC - 951.35/1320.95

Mother’s Show-N-Shine
Best of Show – Doug Brarens
Best Dodge – Alan Yoder
Best Duramax – Yvohne Strube
Best Ford – Mike Seeley

Tuesday April 28, 2015
Nebraska Diesel Show Results
NADM Staff

Nebraska Diesel Show held in Kearney NE at the Kearney Raceway on Saturday and Sunday was the first DIESEL ONLY event held in Nebraska with GREAT results! DIESEL Motorsports wants to thank the local NDS members and the Kearney Raceway Staff and owners for making us feel welcome plus providing a great crowd to watch the activities. Winners are listed below:

Saturdays Race:
1st Place Curtis Nelson - 2006 Ford
2nd Derek Weeder - 2006 Chevy

Mothers Show-N-Shine
Best of Show - Christopher Lieber
2011 F350 Ford converted to Excursion

Best Ford and Popular Vote
Elliott Hawkens
2002 Ford F350

Best Other/Collectible
James Knight
1961 F100/5.9 Fummins

Best Dodge
Zachery Leach
2009 2500 Baja

Best GMC/Chevy
Josh Follmer
2008 Chevy 2500

Sunday Sled Pulling
Winners 2.5,
1st Colbi Seth 306.06,
2nd, Levon Reiff 287.08 -

2.6 Winners,
1st Bryan Banghart 299.04,
2nd Ryan Bower 296.07,
3rd Jesse Knight 291.02,
4th Levon Reiff 286.07,
5th Nathan Bridgeman 286.05 -

3.0 winners
1st Cole Nadrechel 289.08,
2nd Nathan Bridgeman 285.02 -

Workstock winners
1st Chandler Uldrich 287.00,
2nd James Knight 243.01

A great weekend with lots of trucks and everyone enjoying the diesel lifestyle in Kearney NE!

For more photos of the event go to: