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Diesel Forums

 DIESEL TRUCK RESOURCE - Forum for the serious diesel enthusiasts that is looking for expert advice and the opportunity to hook up with local chapters!

 THE DIESEL GARAGE - Diesel forum with something for everyone who is a diesel enthusiasts!

 CUMMINS FORUM - Forum for the Cummin's Diesel enthusiasts with local chapters and event information!

 DIESEL BOMBERS - Diesels in Action forum with information, advice and event information for the diesel enthusiasts!

 TURBO DIESEL REGISTER - Membership forum with quarterly magazine covering everything for the Cummins diesel enthusiast!

DIesel Shops

 Mid Missouri Truck & Tractor Pulling association - NADM Affiliate Group, 2.6 class sponsor for sled pulling! Great group check out the pulls near you in Missouri!

 Diesel Country Nationals - Diesel Country Nationals May 6/7 in Terre Haute IN!