NADM Drag Racing

NADM offers the best in Diesel Drag Racing with five competitive classes. From 17 second farm trucks to streaking 6 second diesel dragsters, all are welcome and can compete in NADM Drag Racing.

NADM Drag Racing Classes include:

ET Bracket Class: Competitors Race against their dial in efforts to predict, react, and perform better than their competitor.

12.0 Quick Diesel: Indexed at 12 seconds, this class leaves the starting line together (heads up style) and the first legal racer to cross the line without running quicker than the index wins>

Unlimited Truck: Full size trucks compete on an unlimited, heads-up racing in 1/8 and/or 1/4 depending on track! *

Pro Diesel: Fiberglass bodied diesel-powered trucks and cars compete heads up to the finish in thei 1/8 and/or 1/4 mile action *

Top Diesel: Diesel Dragsters designed for all out speed compete heads up in 1/4 mile action *>

See NADM rulebook for specific class guidelines, free download of rules on web site.

* NHRA Class 3 or 4 Competitive License Mandatory.